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Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in vending with Sewcation Sin City 2024!

You will receive an invoice for the booth fee once you are accepted as a vendor for the appropriate booth space requested.

We also have a Facebook group chat for participating vendors and sponsors. There you will find more information, sharable links and photos to promote your participation.

Should you have any questions leading up the event, or to check on your vendor status, please email for assistance.

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Booth space request for Sewcation 2024. 

Vendors are encouraged to provide items for VIP and Welcome bags, as well as Giveaway goodies throughout the weekend.

Approved vendors are allowed to self-promote inside of the Sewcations by Sew O'side Facebook group at will.

All Vendors receive promotions, website links, shoutouts on social media and email marketing, photo signs posted in event halls and printed programs on event weekend. 

Approved vendors also receive 2 weekend tickets to give away to their followers! 


All Classes will be closed during the Lunch hours of 12p-2p to allow for Shopping to be open. Sewing Lounge remains in the middle of the Vendor Hall, available for all attendees to be drawn in all day long. Also, Events and Meet Ups will generally be taking place in the main vendor hall. 

After Vendor Hall Hours are complete, the sewing lounge will move to an "After Hours" Sewing Lounge while the Entire Vendor Hall is closed and locked until the next day. Vendors will be allowed into the hall up to 90min before open hours to finish any set up needed for the day, and the hall closes to all bodies, except Sew O'side Staff, 30 min after Hall closes.

Vendor Hall Hours:


(Vendor Dinner TBA)

FRIDAY, June 21

VIP Exclusive Shopping 8:30a-10a

Shopping - 10a - 6p


Shopping open - 10a - 6p

SUNDAY, June 25

Shopping open - 10a - 3p

*Vendors are expected to have their booth open and available to attendees for the duration of OPEN vendor hall hours. We recommend having at least 2 people in your booth so that you can relieve each other for breaks/lunch etc. We do have staff and you will have vendors nearby (if you'd like to be near another specific vendor for help, please let us know) just in case something comes up. Communication is key, please let us know if there is something you need help with! 

Booth Size

Teachers Sewcation 2024

Vendors can gain extra exposure by teaching a class or doing a DEMO on stage (in the vendor hall)! 

Select an option

We are SEW Excited for you to join us!

Thanks for applying to Sewcation Sin City! We'll get back to you soon.

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