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Continued Learning

When you've finished with your Foundational classes (My First Class, Sewing 101 and Sewing 102) and are ready to move on to your personal projects, there are lots of flexible, affordable options to continue your sewing experiences with Sew Bestie! Check out the packages available below.

Flex Plans

Flex Plans are similar to a punch-card system, to use as you go with flexibility to schedule as you go.

Flex 1 - $35

Flex 4 - $120

Flex 10 - $299

Flex classes expire 6 months after purchase

Open Sewing

Sessions designed for self-guided work time. No instruction is provided, but sewists' may use class space on designated days.

One FREE Open Sewing scheduled per month!

What's Next...?

The possibilities of sewing are endless! Want to learn how to make bags? Clothes? Stuffed animals? Seriously, there is SEW much out there! Continued Learning classes are perfect for your next step. At Sew Bestie, our goal is to teach you the skills needed so that you are comfortable creating whatever it is that your heart desires. We can help walk you through patterns of your choice, suggest patterns, materials and projects to gear your learning in the direction you want to go. Materials and patterns are the responsibility of each student at this stage, however, we often have access to donated materials, and a plethora of free patterns available online. We can also guide students in the direction of purchasing quality patterns and materials from vendors and stores that we recommend. Our Headquarters in our Oceanside Location also has a limited retail section that includes materials, supplies and pre-cut kits for certain projects.

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