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Sewing Classes

Oceanside & San Diego


Different Options for all levels and experiences!

Many options are available for Children and Adults.

Ages 6-7 can be accommodated in a Semi-Private class (please message to schedule) after completing a minimum of 1 private lesson to determine placement. Ages 8 and up can register for all classes.


Private Lessons &
Semi-Private Lessons

Skill based learning.

Private and Semi-Private lessons are focused on teaching the skills needed and building the confidence to be able to work on your own. These classes are great for the newbies and seasoned crafters as they are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Great for those who've had that machine sitting in the closet for years!


Project specific learning.

This type of class is focused around completing a specific sewing or craft project. You will follow the steps needed to complete your project from start to finish. Ask about our group rates as well!


Perfect for a girl's night out! 

Sewing Camp

Dive in Learning!

Multi-day instruction to really dive into the world of sewing! Projects vary depending on the overall skill level of each student. Space is limited for each week. Great for adults and kids who are on break from school, home school or charter! 

Sleep Away Camp info will be released soon!


Charter Schools

Sew Bestie is now an approved vendor for Pacific Coast Academy! Please check out your Vendor Lists for Charter School specific Monthly Rates and to request an Enrichment Certificate. Once an Enrichment Certificate is received, we can get your student scheduled for classes!

Click the link below, Sign in and search for "Sew Bestie" to view current rates and request the EC to get started!

Girl Scouts

We have a special class designed just for Girl Scout Groups that includes both hand and machine sewing! It's the perfect instruction to learn how to stitch on their own patches! 

All machines are on site, and materials are included! Get your girls together and lets have some fun!

Girl Scout Group Rates begin at $40/student and can range depending on the project and length of the classes chosen. 

Birthday Party

There's no better way to share the love of crafting with your friends than having a Sewing Birthday Party! 

We can accommodate as little as 6 for group rates and up to 16 for maximum fun! 

Birthday packages start at $400 and include all the Materials, Machines and Set Up for your special day. 

*Please plan minimum of 2 hours for project completion*


Field Trips

Take a day trip with Sew Bestie to one of our favorite fabric shops! Nothing compares to hands-on learning! In person, learn about different fabrics, trims and notions and what they are used for. 

Trips will be limited to 7 per trip and will last approximately 6-7 hours. Ages 8 and up, boys and girls. 

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Family Night!

We have created a community here at Sew Bestie, and no better way to share it than to invite our families for a Monthly Free Event Night of games and/or movies! 

We want our students and families to be able to come together and celebrate their friendships and have some fun! Stay Tuned to FB for more info on the next Family Night!!

Sew 'n' Slumber

Grab your blankets and pillows for this special Sew 'n' Slumber party!! We will spend the night locked in the shop, sew a slumberific themed project, settle down with a movie and popcorn before the 'slumber'. In the morning, students will enjoy a continental themed breakfast before pick up. 


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Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Teaching the skills you need to work on your own.

It all starts with a machine and fabric! We use a basic home sewing machine to teach in the studio - use of the studio machines are included in all classes and workshops. Most of the projects to start will be using 100% woven cotton, as it is the easiest to navigate as a beginner. 

For decades, paper and tissue patterns were the norm, however, the availability of PDF patterns has changed the sewing world significantly! In class, we will focus on the flexibility of PDF patterns and how best to use them. 

At Sew Bestie, we understand how important it is to create lasting self confidence with your new found skills. Our services are available and customized to suit all needs. We ensure that all of our students’ requests are met through personalized instruction and guidance through every step of the way.


Schedule and Pricing

Private Lessons are $80/hr for one-on-one learning, available in 1-hour increments, scheduled individually. Private sessions are the only classes available for personal machine instruction/help. Please message directly to schedule.

Semi-private lessons are each 1 hour 45 minutes long and are available in single or multiple sets; the more you buy, the more you save!

My First Class - $25

Sewing 101 - $99

Sewing 102 - $199

Machines are on site for class use, you do not need to own a machine to learn to sew.

Boys and Girls, Age 8 and up. 

Classes: Classes


No Experience Required! Walk out with a finished project!

Never used (or seen) a sewing machine before? Enjoy other Crafts? These Workshops are a great way to jump into a project! A Workshop will teach you the basic skills needed to finish the specific project for that class in order to walk out with a finished piece!

Workshops are designed for all students to have fun and try something new. We will walk you through each step until your project is complete!

Workshops are great for all ages, boys and girls!

Workshop dates and projects will be updated on our Facebook Page and website calendar. 


Schedule and Pricing

Each workshop is timed and priced based on each project/craft.

Workshops are available for a variety of skill levels, and many offered require little to no experience for craft and sewing, and include all the materials needed for each project.

Machines are available on site for class use, you do not need to own a machine to learn to sew. Material packs are available for purchase in the Studio or a supply list is available for personal shopping prior to class start (Suggested shopping locations are included on the supply list).

Boys and Girls, Age 8 and up. 

Classes: Workshops

Sewing Camp

Remember when "learning to swim" was just dad throwing you in the pool? 

The Sew Bestie Camp is a similar approach, without the whole "feeling like you're like drowning" bit. From start to finish, each day of camp, we teach you about the machines, patterns and fabric and how to best use them together. We practice the basics before diving feet first into a project so that each student can accomplish each step with confidence. 

Camps are a great way to gauge your child's interest in sewing before emptying your wallet on a machine that will end up just sitting in the closet! On the flip side, if you are one of those that still has a "never opened" machine stored away, this is a great starting point! 

At Sew Bestie, we understand how important it is to create lasting self confidence with your new found skills. Our services are available and customized to suit all needs. We ensure that all of our students’ requests are met through personalized instruction and guidance every step of the way.


Schedule and Pricing

Summer Break Camps Dates

Summer Sewing Camp (Oceanside)

July 9-11, 2024 - 9a-12p

Summer Sewing Camp (San Diego)

July 16-18, 2024 - 9a-12p

Embroidery Camp (San Diego)

July 22-24, 2024 - 9a-12p

Boys and Girls, Age 8 and up. 

Classes: Camp

Girl Scout Groups

Get the girls together for this super fun class, focused on the functions of sewing!

In this class, girl will learn how to use a sewing machine to sew straight lines, corners and curves! All the fundamentals for sewing their own patches to their vests! 


Schedule and Pricing

Group Rates for Girl Scouts

A group is considered a class of 8 minimum students (adults included) to qualify for Group Rates. Up to 16 can be accommodated per class. 

Girl Scout Groups start at $40/student and can vary depending on projects chosen.

*Adults/Leaders can participate too!*


Additional project available for an upgrade cost. Basics class includes a 2 hour time block, more complicated projects may take additional time. All materials are included.​

Boys and Girls, Age 8 and up. 

Classes: Scouts

Birthday Parties

Share your love of crafts with all your friends and book your next Birthday Party at Sew Bestie!

Sewing Birthday Parties are great for all ages 7 and up, boys and girls alike.  


Schedule and Pricing

Birthday Package

$400 and up

Sample Projects:

Handmade Pillow; Scrunchies

The class will consist of a short lesson on the machine threading, and use. Then, step by step instructions are given for each project. 

Birthday parties include the first 6 students for a 2-hr workshop (adults included). Up to 16 participants can be accommodated per class. 

Additional Participants are $40/ea

*Adults/Parents can participate too!*

Boys and Girls, Age 7 and up. 

Additional Projects and Lengths of Class are available for different age groups, additional time can be added to a package, please email for quote.

Classes: Birthday
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